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While people in modern times associate marriage with romantic love, that was not always the case.

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Modern dating and courtship stem from the same historical roots.Both can serve as a way for people to attract a suitable marriage partner.Dating has gotten some backlash in religious circles.According to an article appearing on the Leadership U website, the replacement of courtship with dating is the seed of many of society's ills.The article maintains that problems like the high divorce rate could be reduced by returning to the practice of courtship.

It's a ritual that leads to courtship and eventually to marriage, if it's successful.

According to the Vertical Thought website, dating emerged from the traditions of arranged marriages and courtship.

Couples met regularly, but under the supervision of their families. However, as couples began marrying for love, dating and courtship evolved.

Dating became another step on the road to marriage, happening just before the courtship phase.

In colonial times, for example, people owned and worked farms, the upkeep of which required the manpower of the whole family, including the children.

During these times, people found spouses through courtship, whose sole aim was marriage to produce children.