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A new destination has been proposed to you and you don’t know how life for Alfie will be down there…or you have just accepted a new post on the other side of the world and you don’t know how to prepare the trip for him… in this list, made possible by contribution of women (and some men!Some have pools, special diets, spaces for running, green acres to walk, games and activities.

Therefore there are many families with dogs and the city is very well equipped to host our dear four-legged friends. You can find their address on the Internet, or you can ask the janitor of your building, or even a neighbor that walks with his dog.

In the streets or in the parks it is very common to see dog owners who chat and exchange information on their animals, while these sniff each other.

For those who fear that his dog might get cold or wet in the rain, there are tailors that design wool coats, raincoats and boots for the rain.

If you go on vacation and can not take your dog with you, there are pensions that will treat him very well.

) from all over the world, you will find very useful tips to prepare your loved four-leggeg friends to relocate, and information about how to move around during the first times in your new country. Argentina Australia Bangladesh Brazil Canada Denmark Egypt Eritrea Ethiopia France Germany Honduras Hungary Italy Jerusalem Kenya Kuwait Morocco Peru Romania Spain South Africa Sudan Switzerland The Netherlands USA Zimbabwe Buenos Aires is a friendly city for dogs.

In my city the majority of children wants to have a puppy, and many parents buy or adopt one to make them happy.

Some veterinaries, besides medical attention, also offer washing and fur cutting.

Others assist you in the preparation of the documents to travel with your dogs.

These are people who love dogs and make sure to guarantee an important and healthy activity, especially for dogs who live in apartments: the walk.

Almost all sell dog food and items such as leashes, muzzles, toys, etc..

In supermarkets, both big and small ones, there is a special part for animals with everything you might need for the man’s best friend: food, toys, biscuits, pet beds, cages for transportation and much more.