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The problem with connective tissues is they get about 1/3 the circulation as regular soft-er tissue, and likewise take 3x longer to heal. Both involve a straining of some tissue, but a strained muscle takes 2-3 weeks to fully heal while a sprained ankle takes 6-8 weeks to heal.It happened after I did Turkish get-ups for the first time. It hurt a little, but not enough to slow down my workouts.However, doing heavy deadlifts seemed to make it hurt, even though other oblique exercises (like russian twists) or even overhead squats didn't seem to affect my right side oblique. So, I took two weeks off heavy lifting (running, push-ups, and other metcon work seemed fine and didn't cause any distress).Well, it seemed better, but last friday I did some heavy deadlifts, which caused a little twinge, but nothing too painful.Today, though, I couldn't finish a set of heavy shoulder press - which hadn't happened before.

It is pretty strange that shoulder presses hurt you when other oblique related exercises didn't.Most of the time now (since I'll be 30 in April), I prefer the idea of "live to train another day." Which doesn't consist of "training through the pain as much. The intercostal muscle may pull or tear due to overstress.Before, the shoulder press didn't seem to affect the oblique.But today, when I got done with the warm up sets, I couldn't do the work sets because my right side hurt so much.This is the most it's hurt since the initial "injury" (was it an injury? Oddly, I did several sets of heavy squats before, and I didn't feel it in my side at all.Is this that I've just overworked my obliques/finally found my weak link in heavy lifts, or have I really screwed something up?