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Those relatives, knowing her keen interest in meteorites, were very understanding when we shortly departed for a day-trip to the Steinheim Crater.

Moni and I would have loved to stay longer at Steinheim but we had to return for a quick turn-around trip to the Ensisheim 2011 Meteorite Show.

I have already written about our trip to Ensisheim in my July 2011 article), but in the near-future I really must report on our day-trip to the Steinheim Crater, because that was a very enjoyable locality to visit.

So, early one nice, Spring morning in June 2011, Moni and I drive off and head for the “Aumühle Quarry in the Nördlinger Ries Crater“. By the way, regarding the sign in the above image, a Geotope is not unlike a road-side-stop with a “point of interest” but which has some geological significance.Apparently it is not akin to a splash-form tektite, nor are they like Muong Nong tektites, but the reason why is not clear to me.Since this article is but part of an on-line publication known as, Meteorite-Times Magazine, it is expected that most readers are knowledgeable about these kind of rocks known as, “impactites”.June 2011 – this was the year that I finally made that return trip to Germany.It was a good time of year to revisit Southern Germany where I lived 40 years ago and met for the first time my soul-mate, and now finally my fiance, Monika Waiblinger. Our first destination was her hometown where I got to meet her relatives.

So, after the Ensisheim Show, when we returned to her relatives in Germany and told them of our plans to make another day-trip to, yet, another crater, they weren’t in the least bit surprised.Again, her relatives were ever more understanding of the mutual interest in meteorites that Moni and I shared.But, for those of you who may have arrived here by way of an errant Google search engine result for “German pancakes“, and are now curious about “impact-glass-bomb rock-collecting”) you would be best served to go first to my “REFERENCES” section at the end of this article.There I have links to websites that describe what “flädle” are, and links to images of “flädle” which show that these impact-melted rocks look like bread dough that has been thrown into the air and then solidified. Five years earlier on a previous trip to Germany, she somehow cajoled her sister to take her to both Ensisheim and Nördlingen!It was at the Ensisheim Show that I saw, and understood for the first time, what was a flaedle, or as it is called in German, “Flädle”.I now understood a flädle to be somewhat akin to a volcanic bomb, but instead of basalt, it is an [impact]-glass bomb of crater ejecta that has traveled through the air, but at a somewhat shorter distance than a tektite.