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It will be located in Citytuhuset and will be open until August 31.Opening hours will be week days 10.00-19.00, Saturdays 10.00-16.00, Sundays 12.00-16.00. Swedish radio station Rix FM has made their own "999" radio edit, thus changing the original song beyond recognition.Full tour plan with ticket info can be found in the toursection.

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It is the first of six exclusive gigs at smaller venues.Vega is followed by Rockerfeller in Oslo, Norway on friday and Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday.Today the new kent album "Jag r inte rdd fr mrkret" has been released and yesterday at 12.00 in Stockholm kent had a press conference regarding the new album. Thank you for the last five years and keep visiting!On thursday kent opens this years touring at Vega in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Yesterday kent published two ironic replies at Sami's Soundcloud, here, and here.

If you follow on Facebook or Twitter I'm sure you have already seen the live video of the second single from the new album.

It's called "Jag ser dig" (I see you) and you can watch it here to the right.

If you some how missed the live video of te first single "999" you can find it here.

After that kent will play Gothenburg, Eskilstuna and Malm.

June 27 kent kicks off the summer tour in Helsinki.