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Herning viser sig fra sin bedste side, når diskotekerne åbner, og natteravnene vrimler ud i flok. bankede på døren, og litervis af alkohol i forskellige varianter, lokale sild, og hjernedød abefest gjorde aftenen til en rus, vi får svært ved at leve uden!Pigerne er tilmed snaksaglige, fandens lækre og kan højst sandsynligt drikke dig under bordet. This famous relic was given a year or two ago by the Danish Government to the vicar Apostolic for Denmark.

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The following year he enlarged the existing monastery of Canons Regular, and made it into a chapter with fifteen prebendaries.Bishop Svend also completed the foundation of the Benedictine Abbey of Ringsted begun by King Svend Estridssen.During the episcopate of Arnold (1089-1124) a nobleman named Peter Bodilsen led a popular movement in Zealand directed against the marriage of the clergy.About this time the skull of Pope Saint Lucius I (253-55) was brought to Roskilde cathedral, of which he became the patron saint.Absalon founded Copenhagen in 1168, and gave it to the See of Roskilde in 1191.

About 960 King Harold Bluetooth built a wooden church dedicated to the Holy Trinity at his new capital of Roskilde.

Godebald (991-1021), Gerbrand (1022- 30), and Aage or Avoco (1030-48) were the first three bishops of Roskilde. Scania (Sweden) was subject to Roskidle from 991 to 1021, to Lund, 1021- 30, and again to Roskilde from 1030 to 1060, when Scania was divided between the Diocese of Lund and the short-lived Diocese of Dalby.

(ROSCHILDIA, ROSKILDENSIS.) Suffragan to Hamburg, about 991-1104, to Lund, 1104-1536.

The diocese included the Danish Islands of Zealand and Moen and the Prussian Island of Rügen (Pomerania).

Bishop William (1048-76) began, and Bishop Svend Norbagge (1076-88) finished, with the help of King St.

Canute, the first stone cathedral at Roskilde in 1080.