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In tough economic times, he put on a lavish event and raised million for the research and treatment center at Union Park.

I don’t know if there is an individual in Las Vegas better connected than Ruvo, who has the dexterity to bring together the renowned Cleveland Clinic and Siegfried & Roy for a common cause in Las Vegas.

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 The relationship between Siegfried & Roy, especially Siegfried’s dedication to Horn’s rehabilitation, was made obvious.A few other thoughts from the “20/20” show:  Vargas reminded of initial reports in the aftermath of the incident that the October 2003 appearance was Montecore’s first in front of an audience.But it was soon clarified that Montecore was a stage veteran who had performed hundreds of times in front of an audience prior to the night he injured Roy.That clip was unearthed as part of Friday night’s special edition of “20/20,” titled “The Magic Returns.” The hourlong documentary hosted by Elizabeth Vargas was a revealing look at Siegfried & Roy’s career and how both performers struggled to move forward after Horn was hauled off the stage while in the mouth of the white tiger Montecore at The Mirage on Oct. It closes with the duo’s performance at the Keep Memory Alive gala at the Bellagio on Feb. For anyone even remotely interested in Siegfried & Roy’s legacy in Vegas, the documentary – still available in a series of five clips on the ABC News Web site – is compelling without seeming maudlin.The “20/20” crew dug up priceless black-and-white footage of the duo onstage dating to the late 1950s and made the most of its seemingly boundless access to the duo as they prepped for their final performance.

The claim, which added suspense to Montecore’s arrival onstage, was part of the act. Footage of all the celebs and Vegas dignitaries on hand is evidence of Larry Ruvo’s influence in this community.My own reporting from that night, in the form of a series of live blogs from the event posted on the Las Vegas Sun, Las Vegas Weekly and Vegas De Luxe Web sites, has been questioned.Suffice to say I stand by everything I wrote that night, including Horn’s physical condition in the hours leading up to the event.In a 1996 interview with ABC, Roy Horn remarks, “It feels wonderful, I cannot even tell you the feeling of having a full-grown tiger lick your face.But you also have to think that, at the same time, with one swipe of the paw, he can decapitate you. You can take nothing for granted, even if you think you know it all.” You can take nothing for granted.