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He had been a boxer and was known as a shrewd and tough cookie—my kind of guy.When secret files were discovered that showed the deliberate massacre of over a million Jews and Gypsies by special SS extermination squads, I was made the Chief Prosecutor of “the biggest murder trial in history.” All 22 defendants were convicted, and 13 were sentenced to death.

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As soon as I was gainfully employed, I married my childhood sweetheart, Gertrude, who had been waiting patiently for me for many years.The International Military Tribunal trial in Nuremberg against Goering and leading Nazi defendants had started with Robert Jackson’s opening statement on November 20, 1945.At that time, I was already on my way back to the States, following a slightly unauthorized detour to Switzerland.My first assignment was to collect evidence in Berlin that would support a dozen planned trials once the proceedings against Nazi Field Marshal Goering and cohorts was over.My new bride joined me in what we expected would be a brief honeymoon.

I knew very little about the IMT trial; but I knew a great deal about the U. Army War Crimes Commissions at Dachau where German prisoners of war were being hastily condemned. Telford Taylor, one of Jackson’s chief assistants, was about to be promoted to Brigadier General and begin a dozen proceedings in Nuremberg designed to expose the entire panorama of Nazi criminality.

By March 1946, with the IMT trial well under way, Taylor was in Washington trying to hire staff to help with his unprecedented new responsibilities.

Some of the details of the trials and life in Germany between 19 are here recorded.

how to gain fame in nuremberg sliding off the alps preparing for trial the biggest murder trial in history mass murderers seek to justify judgment day for mass murderers closing down the nuremberg trials Story 24: Detained for Impersonating an Officer It was not immediately clear to me where my new official assignment for the War Department would take me.

He called on Mickey Marcus to help with the recruitment.

Marcus was born in Brooklyn and received a free West Point military college education.