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During their first year of internship at New North Hospital, a group of aspiring doctors undergo both personal and professional upheavals.John Paul Otis destroys his medical career when he...The nurse, in turn, falls in love with Charles' ne'er-do-well nephew Anthony, who plots ways to gain control of his uncle's fortune.

Also, the ship's marker is in a different location from shot to shot.See more » This movie may not be up to the technical standards of today, but this is the kind of movie that gives you entertainment without trying to pander to some cause, or make me feel guilty about driving an SUV.The message of this film was the sadness and stupidity of ...See full summary » Nick Cherney, in prison for embezzling from Torno Freight Co., sees a chance to get back at Johnny Torno through his young priest brother Jess. See full summary » Tyrannical but ailing tycoon Charles Richmond becomes very fond of his attractive Italian nurse, Maria.At the beginning of the film, John Brent/Wilso moves the marker for the ship "Argentse" from pointing northeast to southeast on the map in a close-up shot.

In the next shot, the marker is back pointing northeast.There isn't any raw sex, exposed skin, car crashes, vulgar language or hidden messages.A man immune to worry, disease and even the common cold.They think they have found him until the impossible happens at Woomera...See full summary » This was the first movie produced in Israel.It deals with the outbreak of hostilities during the war for independence in 1947.