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He said visitors "find it interesting to see a lion so up close".

The zoo has performed public dissection of lions already without negative reactions, he added.

"The reason we are dissecting it is we believe there is a lot of education in dissecting a lion," Michael Wahlberg Sorensen, a zookeeper at Odense zoo, told The Guardian.Children and parents will gather to watch the dissection of a lion at a Danish zoo, despite an outcry over a similar procedure with a giraffe at a different zoo last year.The Odense zoo in central Denmark has culled a male lion and kept it in a freezer for nine months because of a "surplus" of lions at the site - and will be holding a public dissection to educate onlookers, according to The Guardian.Es erwarten dich Termine und Tickets für Magdeburg: Konzerte, Festivals, Musicals, Partys, Theater, Sportveranstaltungen, Ausstellungen, Messen, Flohmärkte und mehr – mit Überblick über die Veranstaltungsorte in Magdeburg.For most in the general public, their knowledge of furries — individuals who share an interest in fictional animal characters that walk and talk like humans — stems from a 2001 Vanity Fair article, a 2001 episode of MTV’s “Sex 2k” show or a 2003 episode of “CSI,” all of which presented the community as a sex-focused subculture, a sort of fetish community.

A wave of controversy broke over Copenhagen Zoo when it killed healthy two-year old giraffe Marius for reasons involving their breeding programme, saying his genes were "already well-represented" in other zoos.At that zoo, staff received death threats after Marius was fed to a family of lions - and there was an outcry later when a family of four lions, including two young cubs, was culled.The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, to which about 340 zoos belong, estimates that somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 tiny to large animals are "management-euthanised" a year, the BBC has reported.Five years ago three German zookeepers were prosecuted for culling three tiger cubs "without reasonable cause" at Magdeburg Zoo.A zebra and Oryx have been killed in the UK up to 2014.Aktuell gibt es in Magdeburg und Umgebung 986 Veranstaltungen!