Stromberg single barrel carburetor

Kit includes: Spread bore to square bore adapter plate, 24" fuel hose, fuel filter, 3/8" adapter fitting, carb studs, gaskets and all of the necessary hardware for an easy installation.

This is a 1/4" heat insulator spacer kit for Edelbrock 94 Series and Stromberg 97 3-bolt carburetors.

Stromberg single barrel carburetor-83

Kits include everything you need for your 5.0L/5.8L.

We are a small company and pride ourselves on service, we have an excellent reputation and have repeat customers from all around the world.

These fiber laminate spacers for Edelbrock 5.0L/5.8L manifolds provide heat insulation between our upper and lower manifolds for a cooler charge and more power.

They also raise the upper manifold 1/2" for increased valve cover clearance.

4-hole spacers enhance low-rpm torque and throttle response and dampen reversion effects on the carb.

The superior heat insulating properties of wood fiber laminate are ideal for reducing heat transfer to the carb.

Most orders will be sent the same day and email enquiries are normally replied to in under two hours during our opening hours am to pm We use only genuine spares where possible, and if we can't get good quality replacements we will get them made in Europe especially for us.

There are a lot of poor quality copies of Dellorto and Weber parts and even complete carburettors on the market at the moment - we don't sell any of these!

The black wood laminate fiber spacer is ideal for reducing heat transfer from the intake manifold to the carburetor.

Includes all necessary hardware for a complete installation Use open spacers where more plenum volume or more carb-to-plenum floor distance is required.

Choosing the right carburetor for your application is critical to optimum performance.